Lincoln, England in the Snow: A Pictorial Essay of the Storm of 2010

We're expecting a big storm tonight, 8-12 inches of snow and 40 mile per hour winds; this is a true blizzard. This is Holland, Michigan in the depths of January. Such weather as this, in this snow globe of a town, perched on the shores of Lake Michigan, is to be expected. And so, once more we button down and turn up the heat and our collars, and brace ourselves for one of Mother Nature's epic shows of force. The upcoming storm got me thinking about a snowy December in Lincoln, England in 2010. It was a wonderful opportunity for some great photos, but sadly they cancelled the Christmas Market. I think I cried!

Snow coming down, like a roughly shaken snow globe,
Shimmering, falling endlessly, whirling and blowing.
Snow accumulating inches and feet on the ground, deafening all sound,
A blue light, nighttime odyssey of mother nature.
Beautiful snow gathering frigid force in the dark night hours,
Wreaking heavenly havoc on the daylight.