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Celebrate Good Times with Cake!

Celebrate good times, come on! I'm certain that Kool & the Gang were definitely talking about cake. Celebrations are nicely punctuated with Champagne, friends, family, foie gras, a good steak, some music, fireworks, gifts, and caviar, but at the end of the day,  a home-baked cake made with love says it all.

Cake, a universal symbol of love and celebration, an homage to a time gone by when people spent more time together, less time "liking" the post of someone they went to high school with, who they didn't like then and don't know now. Perhaps baking a cake for a loved one, slowing down, signing out, spending some time in the quiet of selflessness, would do our screen-addicted souls good?

As for us two, we will revel in the joy of being together, cake and all. Can we suggest that you read this blog, bake a cake, and call your mother? Call your sister? Call your best friend. Plan a night together. Eat cake. Laugh. Drink wine. Be together. Be present. Most impo…

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