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Pimm's, The Quintessentially British Summertime Drink

The time is ripe, some things are just of a season; they help to celebrate the turning of the year from one segment to another. And in this, Pimm's shines brightly in her colored glass, glimmering with ruby jewel tones, spiked with colored berries, citrus slices, and cool cucumber, all bobbing about happily, making people glad that summer is finally upon us. Yes, the sun is going to shine.

I encountered my first Pimm's at the fabulous Borough Market in London. Gib bought me a glass to enjoy as I wandered among the stalls. It was love at first sip.

Pimm's is the quintessential summertime drink in England. Most everyone seems to have a favorite way to make it, but it's tough to do badly. I'm starting to see it here in the United States, but no one makes it like they do in England.

So what is Pimm's? It's a gin based liqueur infused with botanicals, citrus and spices. It's really unique and so summery. Here's the basic recipe that I like the best.

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