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The Great British Sausage Roll with Cheese and Savory Jam!

Sausage rolls are huge in Britain and by that I mean very popular. They're usually not as big as this one, most are a bit smaller like the ones made by Greggs, the ubiquitous bakery that is on almost every High Street in Britain. It's a daily stop for many British students, just ask Anja, and sausage rolls are their biggest seller. This sausage roll is big in size and flavor, and is so easy to make.  But Sausage rolls aren't just for kids, and this one has a bit of a grown-up flavor due to the addition of a bit of piccalilli or a few tablespoons of Stonewall Kitchen's Maple Bacon Onion Jam (thanks to dear friend Beth for gifting me a jar!).  If you want, be creative and add a bit of something else instead; honey mustard would be good, or a bit of harissa, or maybe a thick salsa. This one also has sesame seeds and cheddar cheese on top. They're big enough to share and are great for an appetizer, a picnic, lunch or as a dinner with soup or salad.  If you can't fin

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