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James Herriot and a Return to Gentler Times

Do you have difficulty falling asleep? Is it hard to turn off all the madness of the world, the media, the politics of today? My own personal sleeping aid has always been to re-read the wonderful stories of James Herriot, my very first Yorkshire love. Jonathan is, of course, my one and only Yorkshire love, but I like to pretend I've had many suitors, though it's just not true.  Jane Austen, I'm not, to my never-ending chagrin.
Still, next to my bed (along with my Jonathan, snoring sweetly beside me), I have a worn and tattered copy of All Creatures Great and Small . I never tire of James Herriot's timeless stories of the Yorkshire Dales and all the people and animals he encountered over the years. It's wonderful to be able to slow down these days, to take a deep breath and wallow in simpler times, it sets the mind at ease, makes for a peaceful slumber. Oh, I think I should have been born about one hundred years earlier.
Last September I visited James Herriot's …

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