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England, Fall 2019: A Day in Yorkshire with My Yorkshireman

After ten wonderful days in Lincoln,  enjoying tromping about our old city where we lived for six years, visiting pubs, restaurants, walking familiar paths and routes, talking to friendly faces, and welcoming friends from near and far, it was time to begin the rest of our Autumn 2019 trip around beautiful England. We always spend the first part of our annual autumn trip in Lincoln, and then venture forth around the UK, visiting places we've never been and some places we've been before and love so much we have to go back.  This year, we decided to head up to Yorkshire for a night to start off our tour. We decided on a day in Yorkshire, as Jonathan is from Yorkshire, and I've always wanted to see Castle Howard. It's been on my horizon and mind for years, a place I've always wanted to visit, as it's one of the most grand stately homes in the UK. The plan was a visit to Bridlington, then a stop at Castle Howard, and then a night in the tiny village of Harome at the…

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