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A Full English Breakfast, A Post in Honor of My Guy Jonathan.

A full English breakfast; you'll hear this spoken about in England with the utmost respect and reverence. A Full English Breakfast, I think it deserves to be capitalized. After all, it is quintescentially British. But what is a Full English Breakfast? When we first met, my guy Jonathan waxed lyrical about this British tradition.

And that is actually what it is. It's a tradition, served almost exactly the same way anywhere in the whole beautiful isle. Motorway rest stops serve it, pubs plate it, hotels always offer it as a B&B option, which any respectable Brit would never turn down. Still, the question remains, what is a Full English Breakfast and what makes it so special?

I have to admit, after hearing about this almost reverential feast, I was a bit disappointed. Fried eggs, toast, bacon, sausage... What the hell is so special about all of this? We make all of those things here in the USA.  Give me a side of hash browns, maybe a pancake or two, and we're really talk…

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