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Can You Can? #CanningTomatoes

Why in God's name would anyone in their right mind can tomatoes? And what the hell IS canning tomatoes? Should I wear a bonnet while I can, should I can with my other wives? So many questions, someone, save me!

Okay, calm down.  Canning tomatoes is nirvana, canning tomatoes is akin to achieving a supernatural happiness, canning tomatoes is pure bliss. Once you can tomatoes, and open that first jar in the dead of an ice-cold winter day, just as the sun is setting at right before 4pm, to add to a dish that would otherwise fall flat, and confirm your belief that life is actually worth living, even in the dead of winter in frigid Michigan, you'll understand the beauty of canned tomatoes.

But it's still summer, and I can't hardly recall the name of winter, was it December, January, February, March? November sometimes, and April too, they can be frigid little lasses, but I digress...

Red and orange globes of acidic wonder, I bow to thee and promise to capture your youth and…

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