Muyil, Archeological Site and Lagoon Boat Tour and Float, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Muyil, what a magically beautiful place. Muyil, not yet ruined by all the tourism that sadly seems to be spoiling much of the spectacularly beautiful Caribbean coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Muyil, about 10 miles south of Tulum, in what is often called the Mayan Riviera. It's still quiet, still pristine, still beautiful, not yet ruined by the beautiful people who seem determined to recreate Tulum and much of the coastline in the image of places I've never been.
Take a walk on the wild side.
If you'd like to visit, I can only tell you what a magical place this is. I've now been twice, and the second time was just as amazing as the first. Because the tour of the archeological site, the lagoon and the Mayan channel is community owned, the funds go toward preserving what is there. Your dollar, or peso,  goes to a community initiative, so that's something very worthwhile.

Muyil, a fascinating archeological site dating back to 350 BCE, known to be one of the earliest and longest inhabited sites along the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. The ruins are not as spectacular as some like Chichen Itza, Tulum or Coba, but are interesting in their own right.
You'll see some of these guys along the way.
When you arrive, you'll pay a nominal fee, around $7 USD. A wander through the ruins is serene, peaceful, and probably quite solitary, it's not a busy place at all. The ruins are not spectacular, they are modest in comparison to others, but the lack of crowds, the serenity and the jungle atmosphere all combine to make this a truly unique place. You can take your time here, just have a wander; look at all the beautiful vegetation, the interesting archeological features, smell the breeze, hear the birdsong, be alone with nature and a civilization long gone.

When you've toured the archeological site, you must get yourself to the docks and experience the magic of the lagoons and the mayan channels. It's just a short walk from the ruins to the lagoon area where locals are waiting to take you on a dream tour you'll never forget. First you'll cruise across crystalline waters of jade and aqua blue, in fishing type boats that hold only a few. This is truly beautiful, you'll see colors you've never seen as you cruise across two lagoons toward the channel float.
Yes, the colors are really this vivid.
The boat ride across the two lagoons is about twenty minutes of pure bliss. You won't want this to end, I promise you, yet the best is yet to come. Before you know it, you'll arrive at a dock area where you'll disembark and prepare to float down a Mayan canal about 12 feet wide, of crystal clear waters surrounded by fresh water wetlands and mangroves. The best way to float is to put your life jacket on like a diaper, just step into it, like a little chair. And then, just take a deep breath and enjoy the magical float down a canal that floats seaward, created hundreds of years ago.
An experience you'll never forget.