Summertime Adventures in Cape Cod.

Hello again, New England! No, not Merry Old England of our hearts and past, but New England, land of summer fun and deep connections with people we love.  This summer we visited Boston and most importantly, Cape Cod to spend time with our people, Chris, Vince and Luca.

And what a time GB and I had. I was so excited to spend time in a new yet slightly familiar place, with my best friend of all time, my Chris. This is how I always look when I know I'm soon going to be with my girl Chris.

But before we took the ferry, before we joined our friends of old, GB and I explored, like we always do, and we found some amazingly fun places, like the famous cannoli bakeries in Boston. We enjoyed an early morning jaunt, and stopped to indulge in pastries with flavors like limoncello and dark chocolate. GB is very happy, and has yet to stop talking about the cannoli.

And off we go, on the ferry to meet our dear friends in Provincetown and then off to Wellfleet, well known literary sanctuary, to spend some precious days on the beach.

Our arrival, so beautiful... postcard pretty. 

Chris and I have a lot to talk about... as always.

We eat, we drink, we talk, we play, we reminisce and reconnect with family. Time together is a precious commodity.

Yes, we eat, did I mention that? And eat well we did, with gusto!

Happy days in Cape Cod, with some of my favorite people. 

And then it's time to say goodbye again, not an easy thing, 
but better than never saying hello.  
Who is that beautiful woman?

And off we go, GB and me.