Notes, Thoughts, Advice to my Daughter Upon her Journey to University

Notes, Thoughts, Advice to my Daughter Upon her Journey to University

What a milestone, what a landmark occasion, you, off to University! And what advice do I have to pass on to my youngest, to my Sister Golden Hair Surprise? And you are my surprise, the child that has always thrown me for a loop, my darling mini-me. You, my tigress, tiny but tough, meeting each challenge with panache; my little partner in international crime, negotiating England with me, with both angst and happiness, wide-eyed at all that new world presented to us.

 I am in awe of you. You navigated our new world with such strength and drive. Nothing could stop you. You met each challenge with a certain je ne sais quoi - remember your French?  I love how fearless you are and always have been. World, watch out, Anja is on the horizon!

 I hope for you, that you make decisions that will make your time on this earth as fulfilling and bright and as joyful as possible. I hope you will be happy, that you will spend your life enjoying all there is and taking advantage of all the bounty that comes your way. I hope you will spread your joy, that you will be strong for others, an advocate for the weak and powerless, that you will rise to the top in order to make life better for everyone. I want you to ENJOY what has been given to you, to understand that you do belong here, that this world is a beautiful gift and that this life, this time on earth, is not only priceless, but finite.  Take the reigns, girl, gallop…No, run! Run through these fields of life. You only get one chance, and you got a good one. Make your mark, make a difference. Be good, be strong, be kind, because you are.

But, most of all, I want you to know that you are loved, that you are precious, that you always have people who are there for you, come what may. The world can be cold, can be harsh, but you will always have a home, a soft place to land, and people who love and need you.

 So fly, Little Bear (hmm, Little Bird works better here), take off on those furry little wings, make your mark! You are one of a kind. The world is full of promise; your life has only just begun. Enjoy, smell and pick (if no one is watching) the flowers, and plant a few yourself. The world is your oyster. You are here for a reason.

With adoration, with affection and joy, with happiness, with hugs and kisses,

Your mama, who loves you always and forever  Xxxooo

PS Just so you understand, I’m not actually ready to let you go.