Seal Watching at Donna Nook National Nature Reserve

Every November and December, grey seals give birth to their pups near the sand dunes at Donna Nook Nature Reserve on the North Sea: a wildlife spectacle which attracts visitors from across the UK. I have it marked in my Google calendar, and this year we made it out there at a most opportune time.

The seals are scattered near and far, like boulders on a beach.

At last count, according to the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, on Monday 10 December there were: 433 bulls, 427 cows, 1018 pups. Total pup numbers born on the reserve this year now exceeds 1500.

It is incredible how close you can be to nature in all its beauty. 
Donna Nook National Nature Reserve  is probably the best place within the U.K. for photographing grey seals.

A baby and her mommy.

So close, but of course we couldn't touch the little sweety.

Enjoying the day with my little grandbaby Cash.

 It was a cold and clear day. Much better than the last trip here, when it was sleeting and so very cold.

 My lovely beauties, if only I could talk Anja into coming out for a visit.
Fun times with my baby boy Cassius Christian.

Another baby, so precious to see.

Nature up close and personal. A real privilege to enjoy.

The Donna Nook Nature Reserve is so very out of the way, not many make it here to observe this amazing phenomenon.

Our beautiful boy Cash.

Cash was mostly interested in maneuvering the terrain while we observed all the wildlife.

The child is not yet two, but his presence is undeniable!

Another incredible baby.

I originally called it spooning, but oh, it is so much more!