Borough Market in London

"By seeing London, I have seen as much of life as the world can show."
                                                                                  -Samuel Johnson

London is my very favorite city and Borough Market is just one of the reasons why. Great food starts with great ingredients and Borough Market is a food lovers dream.

It's open Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with Saturday being the busiest day and believe me, it gets very busy. If you ever happen to be in London, be sure to pay a visit to Borough Market. It is worth fighting the crowds.

Everytime we are in London, we have to go to Borough Market.
First off, GB and I like to start with a glass of something, for fortification...


Next,  a nibble for's a lot of work walking around and deciding what we (read, my hubby GB) can carry all day as we wander the city.

We will NOT be carrying this poor guy around, I can assure you of that!
The vendor wanted a bit of cash for the opportunity to take this pic. Hmmm, how much do you think I dropped in the pot?

A sampling of goodies available, from near and far...              
 Some of my favorite words to cook by...
 From Fat, by Jennifer McLagan
"Eating animal fat didn't kill our ancestors, and there is no proof that a low-fat diet improves our  health or lengthens our life, let alone makes us beautiful, rich, or powerful. The best computer projections generated by fat researchers reveal that a low-fat diet may add a mere two weeks to our life."

"After decades of low-fat propaganda, most of what we think we know about fat just isn't true:
All animal fats are saturated. Wrong.
Eating fat makes us fat. Wrong.               
A low-fat diet is good for us. Wrong."

Did you know that if you want to know the color of eggs a hen will lay, check her ears? Yes, it's true. Push aside the feathers on the side of a hen's head and white ears mean white eggs and brown ears mean brown eggs. There is no difference in nutritional value.

   Did you read the small print? Seventh generation, since 1792!

Foi gras prepared responsibly is an amazingly decadent pleasure. I like it with champagne and a reason to celebrate!


  1. I love these pictures of Borough that you took. YOu capture a lot of corners, and the overall feeling. I have friends who live in London and have never been to Borough. It escapes me. You must let me know next time you are around - we can meet up overthere and have something to drink and nibble at Brindisa.

  2. Oh, please yes! I'd love to meet up with you and I adore Brindisa and their wonderful Chorizo sausage- still have a package in my fridge from my last visit to London.


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