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Shepherd's Pie: Cozy Food for Cold Nights

"Man, I was on the  shepherd's pie  last night like you wouldn't believe. I had, like, MASH in my EYEBROWS by 10pm. I was on a total mince rush!" —  Caitlin Moran When I was little, my mom made shepherd's pie from the leftovers of a roast beef dinner. She would grind the leftover roast beef with a meat grinder that attached to the kitchen table edge. She would then top the meat with leftover mash and serve it with the leftover gravy.  I even remember one time she used leftover prime rib, and that was delish. I loved my mom's shepherd's pie, but I wouldn't make it that way today. Hash is the thing to make with leftover roast beef (another of my mom's recipes- so simply good with lots of ketchup on the side- but that's another blog day).  Shepherd's pie isn't even made with beef, of course, but my French Canadian mother hadn't ever been to England and Google didn't exist, and I'm sure lamb was about impossible to buy. Neverthe

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