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Adult Raspberry Pop-Tarts, Otherwise Known as Raspberry Oat Bars

  There's a great little coffee shop in Saugatuck, Michigan called Uncommon Grounds . It's been there since 1994 and has great coffee and really delicious sweet treats. Recently,  Anja and I discovered their raspberry bars, and lately,  every time Anja and I were shopping in Saugatuck, we'd stop in for a coffee and would inevitably share one.  It didn't take long to realize we needed to make some raspberry oat bars ourselves.  So we searched for recipes online and in our countless cookbooks. We asked friends for their recipes and asked to see the ingredient list of the bars at Uncommon Grounds.  And then we started to experiment.  We started out using American Spoon raspberry jam, which of course is delicious because everything they make is so good, yet it was just a tad too tart. Anja suggested Smucker's and I balked, but she was right; Smucker's seedless red raspberry jam was perfect. And when the raspberries are ripe here in West Michigan, we intend on makin

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