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Chef Jean Claude Pierre's Shrimp Cocktail

What could be more retro than shrimp cocktail? I remember when frozen shrimp first became readily available in grocery stores, sometime in the mid 1980s. My mom quickly jumped on that bandwagon, and always treated us to shrimp cocktail when we came home for the weekend; and in those days, it was really something special.   These days it's just alright; it's been done so many times and often pretty poorly.  Frankly, we've all about had it with shrimp cocktail, that squish of water, followed by a few rubbery bites smothered in a spicy ketchup sauce. But guess what? There's a new shellfish in town and this is the one you've been yearning for all this time and you didn't even know it.  This shrimp cocktail is going to blow your mind, so buckle up, pour a glass of wine and gather your best people around. This little appetizer is simple, and simply amazing.  The proof is in the pudding, as they say, and the shrimp is in the cooking, in this case. So pay attention here

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